International Guest of Honour
Nalo Hopkinson

Nalo Hopkinson, born in Jamaica, has lived in Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana and for the past 30 years in Canada. She is the author of four novels and a short story collection (Brown Girl in the Ring, Midnight Robber, The Salt Roads, The New Moon’s Arms, Skin Folk). She is the editor of fiction anthologies Whispers From the Cotton Tree Root: Caribbean Fabulist Fiction, and Mojo: Conjure Stories. She is the co-editor of fiction anthologies So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction (with Uppinder Mehan) and Tesseracts Nine (with Geoff Ryman). Hopkinson’s work has received Honourable Mention in Cuba’s “Casa de las Americas” literary prize. She is a recipient of the Warner Aspect First Novel Award, the Ontario Arts Council Foundation Award for emerging writers, the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, the Locus Award for Best New Writer, the World Fantasy Award, the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, the Aurora Award, and the Gaylactic Spectrum Award. Her new novel, The New Moon’s Arms, was released in February 2007 release from Warner/Hachette Books.

Photo by David Findlay, 2007

Nalo is currently living in California, where she is teaching at University of California Riverside. Nalo blogs and tweets about cooking, writing and other interesting stuff.

For more information about Nalo please check her website here. Follow her on Twitter @nalohopkinson

International Editor Guest of Honour

Marc Gascoigne

Marc Gascoigne is the Publishing Director of Angry Robot, Britain’s gobbiest SF/F imprint. He’s been in science fiction publishing since 1984, and previous offences include Solaris Books, the Black Library, Fighting Fantasy game books, various role-playing and computer games… and some genuinely wonderful Sonic the Hedgehog novels. You can check out Angry Robot at

In 2011, Marc was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for his work with Angry Robot Books. Angry Robot Books publishers authors from around the globe. Australians published by Marc and Angry Robot Books include Kaaron Warren, Trent Jamieson and Joanne Anderton.

There is also a Wikipedia entry about Marc’s illustrious career. Here is an interview with Marc by Charles Tan over at Bibliophile Stalker

Catch Marco on Twitter @Marc_Gascoigne

Australian Guest of Honour

Karen Miller

Karen was born in Vancouver, Canada, and came to Australia at the age of 2. She lives in Sydneyand has a BA Communications.  She’s been a training officer, done PR for local government and taught English and Business Communication at TAFE. She ran the sf/fantasy/mystery bookstore Phantasia in Penrith. She has a Master’s Degree in Children’s Literature from MacquarieUniversity. When not writing she’s heavily involved n the Castle Hill Players as an actor, director, prompt, stage manager (but not all at once!) and publicity officer.

Karen’s first books, the Kingmaker Kingbreak duology was published by Voyager Australia in 2005 and since then she’s published fourteen novels and recently signed a massive deal with Orbit for more of the Rogue Agent books (published under the name KE Mills) and a new fantasy series called The Tarnished Crown. She’s written in both the Star Wars and Stargate universes.

Photo by Mary GT Webber.

Karen’s website is at  She’s on Facebook as Karen Miller

Fan Guest of Honour

Rose Mitchell

Rose has been an avid fan of science fiction since a nubile young girl (just as every body else claims to have been), but only discovered fandom and cons and such stuff in the early nineties.  Her involvement with the science fiction community has concentrated on club activities, convention running and supporting the fan funds associated with Australia.

She commenced her work with fannish organizations with Austrek, a Melbourne-based Star Trek fan club, as The Captain’s Log editor, and culminated in Co-chairing Aussiecon 4, the world science fiction convention held in Melbourne in 2010. In the intervening years she has held a range of senior positions in various clubs or on convention committees including 2 Confluxes.  She chaired the Australian Natcon in 2002 and 2007 and headed up the Finance Division for Aussiecon 3 the 1999 Worldcon. She was the FFANZ candidate for 2003 and is currently the Treasurer of Victorian Science Fiction Conventions, the legal entity for Aussiecon 4. Oh yeah, she likes SF – in all its forms but mainly contemporary, groovy writers, particularly those from the UK. Rose lives in Melbourne.

Special Guest

Kaaron Warren

Kaaron is a writer, wife and mother from Canberra. She started sending stories
out when she was about 23, and sold her first, “White Bed””, in 1993. Since then she’s sold about 70 short stories, three short story collections and three novels.

Kaaron’s been nominated for a number of awards, winning the 2006 ACT Writing and Publishing Award for her short-story collection The Grinding House;  2006 Ditmar Award, Novella/novelette: “The Grinding House”; 2006 Ditmar Award, Short story: “Fresh Young Widow”; 1999 Aurealis Award, Horror short story: “A Positive”

About her name, Kaaron says – People always ask me about the spelling of my name, wondering where I’m from. I actually made the spelling up, because there were five Karens in my year at school and I knew I wanted to stand out. Even at 17 I wanted my writing to be remembered, and I thought that a memorable spelling would help me in that quest. Does it work?

Kaaron’s website is She’s on Facebook as Kaaron Warren and Twitter as @KaaronWarren

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